WordPress, MachForms & Faculty Profiles Training

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Training Session Descriptions:

Faculty Profiles Administration: Managing Profiles

This workshop is for school/department administrative assistants or staff in HR roles who would be managing Faculty Profiles for their unit.

This workshop provides an overview on managing faculty profiles for full-time and retired faculty members.  The following information is reviewed during the training:

  • The faculty profiles site (search, display by school/dept, research interest )
  • Google search rankings of the profile
  • Simplified URL to access profile of faculty member
  • Listing of the full time and retired faculty from the school/dept website
  • The new profile layout including the research work (publications, projects) and teaching
  • Review of the online Quick Guide to assist when working with the profile
  • Profile print: showcasing the updated print format
  • Demonstrate the login process to update the faculty profiles (faculty profiles site, faculty profile)
  • Understanding profile status changes with publish field option
  • Exploring new features of a profile ( new editing interface, photo upload, new fields including the CV upload, adding/updating faculty's research work )
  • Profile creation for new faculty hires

MachForms – creating forms and adding them to your WordPress website(s)

This workshop provides an overview of how to create forms using the MachForm application, how to set up e-mail notifications and integrate them into your WordPress websites. At the end of this workshop, participants will leave with the ability to:

  • Create new forms
  • Duplicate and edit existing forms
  • Manage e-mail notifications
  • Add tags to the forms
  • Check and download entries
  • Manage the forms in your MachForm Admin Panel
  • Integrate the forms into their WordPress website(s)
  • Understand additional features available through MachForm (payments, user management, spam protection, etc.)

WordPress Instructions

If you would like to review some online WordPress instructions prior to your training, please download our training manual:

Faculty Profiles Instructions

If you would like to review some online Faculty Profiles instructions prior to your training, please go to Faculty Profiles Quick Guide