Microsoft 365

One Drive with Teams

One Drive is a storage and collaboration tool that makes it easy to store and share files, media and documents all in one place, with access from any device with an internet connection. Every York University faculty/staff has 5TB amount of storage space for use and in this training you will learn to manage your files. By default, all your stored documents are visible to you only, you can bypass “attachments”, by sharing documents with colleagues, staff, students and with non York University members.


  1. move existing files from your X drive or shared office files to One Drive
  2. share a link to a specific file for either viewing or editing purposes
  3. share a folder with multiple files for the purpose of reference and/or collaboration
  4. facilitate team work by collaborating in real time with other workshop attendees

Teams that allows for collaborative project work by using real-time editing tools such as chat and video conferencing. You create a team, add users, communicate between team members and share files.


Download the OneDrive and Teams manual (pdf)

Online resources:

Microsoft OneDrive Video Training: Visit OneDrive site
Microsoft Teams Video Training: Visit Teams site


Please refer below to the following online resources for Outlook.


Get Started with Microsoft 365 / Outlook website—York’s own site with user guides and instructions for Key Tasks.

Online Courses:

Here are some e-Learning courses from LinkedIn Learning. These courses are presented as a series of short videos so you can learn at your own pace, pick and choose which lessons you want to view from each course, and go back at any time to review or learn something new.

There are also training classes being held for Outlook, please refer to YELC – York Employee Learning Calendar for courses and registration information.


There are online training classes being held for Microsoft 365 - Outlook, OneDrive and Teams please refer to YELC – York Employee Learning Calendar for courses and registration information.

To sign up for training with eServices, please complete the OneDrive with Teams (Microsoft 365 suite) training registration form.