eClass, Zoom, TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay Training

Online eClass, Zoom and TechSmith Relay group training is available to all LA&PS instructors.

  1. Review our training calendar
  2. Read the training description
  3. Fill out the eLearning Training Registration Form at least 1 business day before the training date. A Zoom meeting link and password will be sent with the training confirmation.

Training Session Descriptions:

Drop-In/Live Support

New! This session provides opportunity during the lunch hour for those Instructors working external to York University.

Introduction to eClass

This introductory workshop provides an overview of how to use your eClass course Website(s). At the end of this workshop, participants will leave with the ability to:

  1. Upload content;
  2. Create and organize weekly/topic course format;
  3. Employ Resources & Activities (including linking to useful internal and external sites such as MLA, CMS or e-Journals);
  4. Activate Forums (Discussions & Announcements);
  5. Use analytical tools and understand their benefits for example: the progress bar, completion tracking, activity reports, course participation reports and course logs.

Duration 1.5 -2 hours

If you would like to stay for another 30 minutes we will dedicate some "hands on help" for your Resource Management. At this brief session, you will learn how to employ specific eClass resources such as:

  • File (PPT, PDF, DOC, XLS),
  • URL (link to videos, permalinks, web links),
  • Page (include hypertext links and embeds),
  • Folder (multiple files and subfolders),
  • Label (heading/divider used to organize info within weekly unit), and
  • Book (organize multiple manuscripts within Table of Content and navigation buttons).

You will learn the specific advantages of choosing the file to be opened in an independent window or tab, versus just being opened, or being forced to download.

Communications and Groups in eClass

Would you like to host meaningful interactive collaboration between students and instructor, or between students? Learn how to utilize discussion forums, announcements, messaging and chats. This workshop will provide a hands-on session using these ever-growing methods of communication. You will review the different types of forums and their advantages. Do you wish to divide your class into small groups permanently throughout the term, or do you wish to rotate flexible groups each time? You will learn how to determine when you need groups versus groupings. You can auto-create random small groups or manually create pre-set groups. In addition, you will also learn how to facilitate forums for both permanent and flexible groupings throughout the term.

Duration 1.5 hours


At this session you will not only create a quiz with its unique settings; but, you will also build individual Multiple Choice, True/False and Essay type questions. Learn how to create categories and move questions to the default category so that your question bank can be accessed from your related courses. You will also learn how to administer random questions from specific categories. If necessary, we will demonstrate how multiple choice questions can be imported into the question bank using the Aiken method and how questions from one or more categories can be exported using different formats. Best practices concerning accommodating special needs students, the deterrence of cheating using quiz settings such as the timing of quiz, or the timely releasing of correct answers also will be discussed.

Duration 1 hour

IMPORTANT: Please attend either a group or request one to one training if you are planning to use eClass Quizzes.

It is required training as you will need to establish a pedagogical framework and the technical settings to ensure a seamless quiz experience.

Assignments/Grades and the eClass Gradebook

At this session, you will practice creating offline activity assignments to accommodate offline gradable items as opposed to creating them directly in the grade book. Learn how to grade directly from the assignment itself and allow eClass to calculate the course total grade for you. For this, it is imperative that you come with a committed breakdown of your gradable items. You will also explore when and why we recommend exporting the grade book to XLS spreadsheets and re-importing them back to eClass in certain instances. Learn how to input your gradable items and let eClass calculate the grade totals, or, simply export to a spreadsheet from the built-in eClass book and re-import it after manually inputting your grades. Students will then be able to view their grades in private within eClass and see where they fit with-in the class. However, you may simply learn to post a spreadsheet as a resource and/or observe the protocol of posting unofficial grades.

Duration 2 hours

Zoom, Zoom Breakout Rooms and Polling

Zoom can be a great option to deliver a live lecture or meet with your students. In a Zoom meeting, both instructors and students can share audio, video and screen presentations.

Zoom can also be used to record your lectures on your own, and post then for asynchronous viewing by your students.

Zoom Integration in eClass
We’ve now integrated Zoom into eClass and you can find instructions on how to use Zoom. Visit Zoom@York for more information. Please note the Zoom integration within eClass only works for those that are using a email address in their eClass profile. Others will have to copy and past the meeting URL into the course.

Zoom Meetings can be saved to the Cloud
When you record a meeting and choose Record to the Cloud, the video, audio, and chat text are recorded in the Zoom cloud.

IMPORTANT: Zoom Bombing
How to Prevent Zoom Bombing! (PDF)

eClass Zoom for Student access
How to access eClass Zoom for students - No Audio

IMPORTANT NOTE: How to add Zoom passwords for meetings

Require a password:
1. Log into Zoom@YorkU
2. Click the name of the desired meeting.
3. Click Edit this meeting.
4. Check Require meeting password. In the resulting text field, enter the desired password.

Note: When creating meeting passwords, keep in mind that some videoconferencing equipment can only enter numbers. If some participants might connect from videoconferencing hardware instead of a computer or mobile device, set a numerical password to ensure that they can connect without issue.
5. Click Save.

In this training session, in addition to a general overview,  you will also learn to enable and use the Breakout Rooms and Polling options in Zoom.

Breakout Rooms can be used for the groupings of your course tutorial sections or to informally organize smaller groups for interactive participation. Simple polling can be used during class time to ask students ad hoc questions or planned interactive feedback in your courses and meetings.

Please note the following important information:

Enabling Breakout Rooms in eClass

To see the breakout rooms in eClass, you will first need to enable it from your own personal settings in Zoom.

  • Navigate to: Zoom at YorkU
  • Log in with your Passport York Login
  • Click on settings and scroll down until you find the section "In Meeting (Advanced)"
  • Click on the radio button for: Enable Breakout room

This should then integrate to the eClass environment. If you have any teaching assistants they will also have to do this too.

Instructions can be found at the Zoom Breakout Rooms and Zoom Polling support sites.

IMPORTANT: Zoom Bombing
How to Prevent Zoom Bombing! (PDF)

Duration 1.5 hours

LECTURE CAPTURE – TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay

Recording your lecture from your classroom, home or office.

Learn how to use Lecture Capture; the newest audio/screen capture software to easily record lectures and presentations in the classroom or from your home or office. Lecture recordings will be made available from your eClass course. Please note that for classroom recording your lecture hall or classroom must be enabled for this kind of recording. To request this service there is a section on the eClass request form.

Detailed information is available at:  TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay support website.

Duration 1 hour

Importing Course Content from your Existing eClass Course(s)

The course Import feature allows you to re-use course content from other courses that you have previously taught in eClass. Learn to either import a full course copying all content and most settings, such as, resources, activities and course settings, including gradebook categories and grade calculations or learn to use selection criteria to bring across only specific resources or activities.

The imported course will not include student enrollment from the previous course or any content within those activities added by students/TA's/instructors. This means that forum posts, assignment submissions, wiki content etc, will not be included in the imported course.


Learn how to create this growing collaborative tool at this session. You can either build individual (seeing each student's progress over term) or collaborative wikis (seeing students' team quotient), depending on your needs. You will learn how to administer the specific settings of each wiki, limiting rights and be able to "read" the history (participation) of each student's contribution.

Duration 1 hour

eClass-Integrated 'Turnitin'

Learn how to create and manage Turnitin Assignments via eClass. You will also learn how to interpret Turnitin-generated originality reports and grade Turnitin assignments using GradeMark. Best practices will be discussed at this session and the advantage of using this function. Advanced Options such as adding customized rubrics, and allowing PeerMark (a peer review tool) assessment will also be discussed upon interest.

Duration 1 hour

Scheduler and Attendance Tool

The Scheduler tool allows you to keep everything in the eClass environment by managing and recording appointments within the actual course web site. Learn how to create and configure the Scheduler tool to allow students to sign-up for appointments/individual consultations or other activities such as presentations. The Attendance tool allows instructors to take and grade attendance/participation of face-to-face classes. This is especially useful in the blended format (BLEN) where grades are assigned for attendance. This tool can be viewed by both students and instructors if that is your preference, so that students can see their participation progress.

Duration 1 hour

eClass for Teaching Assistants

Many teaching assistants use eClass to provide support to the instructors of the course. Learn to use common tools from a TA perspective, not necessarily setting up eClass tools but focusing on how to use them to support student online activities such as course announcements within your tutorials, grading turn-it-in assignments and adding grades to the Moodle gradebook.

Duration 1 hour

Customized Training: If you would like us to host a custom session for the above topics for your department/school or even just for yourself, send an email to specifying your training interest and possible dates/times.

eClass Instructions

If you would like to review some online eClass instructions prior to your training, please visit: