eClass Start Up

eClass - New Name & Server
eClass is the new name for York University's Learning Management System supported by Moodle version 3.9, it is currently on a new server called and hosts LA&PS courses starting from Fall 2020. The Moodle server is still accessible and hosts the previous LA&PS courses, in addition to any training, non credit and project courses up to Summer 2020.

eClass: All LA&PS courses are designated an eClass (Learning Management) Course Website for every section/meet, in every term. The website has an auto student enrolment feature that adds your students to your course website. Moodle is the technology supporting the Learning Management System that provides numerous applications and tools. Instructors may upload course lecture files, use activity modules such as forums and wikis, facilitate online assessments and assignments (via Turn it in), post unofficial progress grades, or all of the above. eClass is accessible with an active Passport York Account. 

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with your students- either by video or audio-only or both, and lets you record those sessions to view later. It also allows you to prerecord asynchronous lectures and post online. It is integrated within eClass and can also be used independently.

TechSmith Relay is a lecture capture system for recording class lectures and presentations in the classroom or from your home/office. The media links to these lecture/presentations are automatically published to your eClass course.

Instructor Automatic Enrolment in eClass courses
In consultation with senior leadership at the university, instructors are being added automatically to Fall, Year, Winter and Summer eClass courses based on the authoratative “who’s teaching what” information from the Academic Resource Management System (ARMS). This will be the case going forward, so there is no longer any need to request a course. Information about hiding a course on your eClass dashboard that you won’t be using for teaching, can be obtained from the following link: eClass dashboard.

STEP 1 - Fill out the eClass Request Form for one of the following services:

  • Merging Sections
  • Copying course content from one term to another
  • Requesting a Lecture Recording account
  • To request a non-credit eClass course for extracurricular activities, please fill out this non-academic form

Note: if you are requesting a migration of content from another instructor’s course, the instructor will first need to assign you to the course with the "Course Import" role. This will replace the need to have the instructor’s written permission for use.

STEP 2 – Attend our eClass, Zoom and TechSmith Relay training sessions

STEP 3 – Review the many resources from the Teaching Commons, Going Remote and LA&PS Going Digital webpages

STEP 4 – Review the eClass Help Centre website for detailed instructional information and additional Zoom and Learning Systems/Support

STEP 5 - Log in to Moodle or eClass directly.

Note: Courses beginning from Fall of 2020 and onward are stored on the new eClass server. All prior courses are stored on the Moodle server.

STEP 6 – Have questions or need help, fill out the eServices, LA&PS Support Request Form or call 416 736-5831 or 416 736-5622

eClass Tips

Teaching Assistant/Marker eClass Access

Instructors who have access to their eClass sites can provide their teaching assistants or markers access. You can refer to step by step instructions for adding users to your course. An active staff Passport York Account is required for access. (Instructors can also request access to any additional tutorial/lab sites by emailing to be able to add their TAs if needed.)

Roles available:

  • Teacher – can add/create content, grades & assessments; enrol users; manage resources and enhance course design & layout.
  • Non-editing Teacher - can access content across the course and has grading permissions within assessment activities. However, the non-editing teacher does not have grading capability within the eClass Gradebook.

Organizing your class into groups

It’s a good idea to wait until student enrolment is stable approximately around the 3rd week of term. It is then recommended that you create groups and chances are there will be very little maintenance after that point.

For maintenance, once per week, the simplest way is to click on the "Participants" link on the left, next select the drop-down arrow from the Gear/Cog/Wheel at the right and select "Group."

First, you may select the "Overview Tab" to get a quick view of students not yet assigned to any group. Next, return to the "Group" tab and select the group you are updating (each group has the number of student members indicated within the bracket), then select the button, "Add/remove users." New students not yet assigned to a group, appear immediately under the Student heading in the right column, and are indicated by (0). Assign a specific student to a group by clicking on their name in the right column, then selecting the "Add" button. You may select multiple students by holding down the Ctrl button and clicking on each name before you select the "Add" button. Repeat the process to assign students to another group by first selecting the button, "Back to groups."

Please note that if your course has tutorial sections, separate eClass shells for every tutorial section are available to TAs and the Turn it in activities on eClass. Therefore, if activated there will be no need to create "tutorial" groups for the main course.

Requesting Merged Tutorial Courses

There are separate eClass shells for every course section and tutorial section. Each main course contains students from all related tutorial groups. When filling out the eClass request form, do not select "Should this course be a merge of multiple tutorials?".

Content sharing in eClass

When requesting an eClass course based on another instructor's course, you will first need the instructor to assign you the role of "Course Import" within the course.  Permission in writing authorizing the use of their course content would therefore no longer be needed.

Content migration from Moodle to eClass

When migrating content from Moodle to an eClass course, you will have to first "Backup" the course from the Moodle server, then use "Restore" to migrate the content to your eClass course.


Enable the pop-up blockers for eClass and Turnitin or turn them off to view the files. (Allow popups from Turnitin). The "Post date" in Turnitin determines the date from which students can view their grades and feedback. Do not use Access restrict dates as that will prevent students from seeing the grade and feedback.

IMPORTANT: TAs need to have an active staff PPY (Passport York account) before being allowed to access Turnitin assignments.

Can previous term eClass courses be removed from the listings?

You will not be able to remove them but you can, however, hide specific courses from your default display in the dashboard. To do so:

  1. First point to the ellipsis/... button to the right of the course that you would like to hide from your list
  2. Next, select the Hide from view button

Please note that this action taken does not hide the course from students. Instead, it simply excludes it from your default listing.

In addition, you can also change the Number of "courses displayed" from the "Show" box below, from 12 to 24 or 48. You can further choose to display your courses alphabetically or last access by selecting either "Course name" or "Last accessed," respectively, from the Course name filter at the top right.

Lecture Capture using TechSmith Relay, formerly Camtasia Relay

Please note that all course sections have to have a different TechSmith Relay Course section PROFILE in order for the file to be uploaded to the correct eClass Course. In your eClass Request form there will be a section asking for TechSmith Relay service, please make sure to check this off. You may retroactively request a TechSmith Relay profile. You are required to request a new profile for each term's course.

When uploading files from outside the campus (and especially from remote locations) to TechSmith Relay or eClass it is best to connect to York via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Please refer to the following site for information and downloading the VPN client.

eClass Feedback

Do you have suggestions or future recommendations for eClass? Email