Course Outlines Training

The LA&PS course outlines are publicly accessible to everyone and provide basic course offering information by section and by term. This course information is beneficial to students for enrolment decision making before courses begin and for transparent course expectations that will be helpful for retention purposes and the overall experience of the course. Instructors are encouraged to provide their course outlines to their program staff to be uploaded/added to the LA&PS Course Outline System.

Students navigate to the course outline web links from the York University Course Timetables Website by searching for the specific course section offering and clicking at the Course Outline link found at the Notes/Additional Fee column.

Examples of the LA&PS Course Outlines:

  1. Field option template display
  2. File upload option display
  3. Default information with no added information

Instructors may wish to post more detailed outlines/syllabuses once the course begins in their secured Moodle site for only registered students. Course outlines are archived and always available from the LA&PS Course Outlines webpage from the BROWSE ARCHIVES search options.

The University Secretariat provides further information on Course Outlines, please visit the Academic Standards, Curriculum and Pedagogy Committee (ASCP) web page; where you will find on the right side menu: Course Outline Guidelines, Basic Course Outline Model and Course Information for Students. The Teaching Commons also references a useful tip sheet on Writing a Course Syllabus.

Instructor Training Sessions:

Training is provided to give instructors an overview of how students navigate to the course outlines, how program staff update the information and where to locate university resources for writing course outlines.

Duration: 30 minutes

One to one custom training is available to you, please fill out the eLearning training registration form with your preferred day/time to meet for training.

Training Location: To be confirmed.

Program Staff Training Sessions are customized one to one appointments, please contact to schedule a date and time.