Passport York Account Security

Actions to take if your account has been compromised:

1. Change your staff Passport York password immediately at Manage My Services.

    • Create a new and complex password and make sure it is nothing like the original.
    • Use symbols, numbers, upper and lower case letters with a catchy word phrase example: I@mGo1ng2theM@ll.
    • If you don’t change your password, UIT security can lock your account.
    • Review the 3 Tips for Creating Strong Passwords when you have time, but initially change your password immediately.
    • Also change this password if you have used it anywhere else. 
    • Do not re-use existing and old passwords. 
    • Do not use York's username and password when subscribing to external services (eg. Magazines, journals, etc).

2. In your Outlook application navigate to the suspicious email and click on the Report Phishing button icon on the Outlook Ribbon on the upper right side. This will officially send a report to UIT Security.  More information on using the Cofense Reporter in Outlook.

Actions to take if your staff account is locked:

If your account is locked, please email UIT Client Services at  from another account or have your local IT support group or a senior member within your department send an email to . UIT will need to reset the password to the default, which is the last four digits of the users Social Insurance number and the last four characters of the surname (or their entire surname if less than four characters).  Once reset, logging into Manage My Services will allow you to create a new and unique password for their PY (and their email if needed).

Stay proactive and aware of your own cybersecurity:

1. Navigate to: HaveibeenpwnedThis is a site that aggregates all publicly released data breaches. Type in your email address and in return, it lists all the companies/organization where your credentials were affected. You want to change the usernames/passwords for any services that are listed and never re-use those passwords. The site is updated often. So, it is a good site to check every now and then.

2. Regularly scan your personal computer systems using your Antivirus because there may be information/password stealing trojans or viruses. Your work computer is automatically scanned by Microsoft Windows Defender.

The University also offers anti virus software (consumer version) for personal devices running Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.  Trend Micro Internet Security is an annual license subscription and is offered at no cost to students, faculty and staff by accessing the following links: Faculty and Staff  and Students .

3. Review the LA&PS Cybersecurity information web page for prevention tips, and complete the Cybersecurity Awareness Course offered by Information Security, UIT.

4. Bookmark the UIT Information Security, York University webpage as they post recent advisories and alerts and have an extensive amount of information and resources. Contact emails: or