Getting ready for your eClass Quiz

All LA&PS instructors utilizing the Quiz tool in eClass are encouraged to review the following guidelines.

Step 1: Review Instructions and attend training

It is highly recommended to review the Quizzing information (Assessment & Evaluation) eClass instructions from the eClass Help Center.

Ensure you attend one of our Quiz group training sessions via zoom, for more information register from:

For one to one custom training please fill out our machform support request form.
Or, for Quiz support settings and review, please fill out this form.

Step 2: Prepare your students for Quizzes

Please also supply the following links/information to your students to ensure they have a good quiz experience!

  1. Browser settings
  2. Best Practices for Students Taking an Online Quiz
  3. FAQs Taking a Quiz
  4. Department: Student Accessibility Services (SAS)
    Assistive Technology Specialists:
    Raymond Peart: E-mail Address:
    Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 22514 (Voicemail)
    Chris Kim: E-mail Address:
    Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 22543 (Voicemail)
    Roberto Racanelli: E-mail Address:
    Telephone: (416)736-2100 x 70211 (Voicemail)

Step 3: Establish software compatibility and eClass quiz familiarity

Create and open a mini "Technical Process Check" quiz 3 to 5 days ahead of your quiz, displaying the same question format types as you would in the real quiz, and the same general settings. One exception however, is to allow multiple attempts on this quiz as students would be taking it over and over again prior to each quiz.

This "check" will ascertain software compatibility, quiz navigation and generally familiarize your students with the eClass quiz environment. Repeat this process before each quiz, as students are apt to upgrade continuously!

Once students do not encounter any issues during the process check, please advise that they do not upgrade their computers/tablets/laptops until after the real quiz is completed.

If students do encounter issues, please have them immediately e-mail explaining their issues, so that recommendations can be made.

Step 4: Tips for deterring possible cheating

While there are many options within a eClass quiz, safeguards can be guaranteed when choosing the right settings.

  • Strategically time your multiple choice (MC) questions -- allowing 45 seconds per question prevents students from thoroughly searching for answers.
  • Allow students to see their raw scores (marks) only or not at all during an open window period (available from the Review options of the Edit Settings page, After the quiz is closed), as opposed to scanning their full attempts of right and wrong answers immediately after completing it. This prevents them from passing on their attempts to others who have not yet taken the quiz.
  • Select "shuffle" for the responses on creating individual MC questions, when there is no "all of the above" or "none of the above" choices. If students decide to take the quiz together, their responses will be ordered differently.
    Correspondingly activate the "Shuffle within questions" option globally in the "Question behaviour" section of the Edit Settings page to activate the quiz's shuffling of all question types requiring this.
  • Shuffle the order of actual questions imposing different sequences, available at the "Edit Quiz" page.
  • Add a pool of randomized questions to your base questions. eClass can randomly assign select questions from a designated category which ensures that students do not all get the same questions.
  • From the Quiz layout settings, choose to display 1-5 questions per page, depending on the number of questions, as opposed to displaying all on one page. It is much easier to "capture" one page than several pages.
  • For additional security, instructors may wish to impose a "Sequential" progression of the quiz by not allowing students to return to those questions already answered. Free navigation is the default setting. To change from free navigation to "Sequential" go to the "Layout" section of the Edit settings by selecting "Show More" and change to "Sequential." It is recommended that warn your students ahead of time if "Sequential" will be your choice mode.

Step 5: Tips to ensure a good functional Quiz

  • Please check the following link for timely technology announcements: UIT Alerts
  • E-mail in advance of a quiz period to determine whether there would be any York University scheduled outages/upgrades during your chosen quiz window.
  • Separate your automatically marked (MC) questions from the manually marked portion of your quiz such as essays into two parts, e.g. Part A & Part B. There is no need to hold up the auto-marking process until you finish manually marking your essays.
  • Deliberately choose automatic submissions by selecting quiz settings "Open attempts are submitted automatically" from the "When time expires" section. This ensures that students' responses are all captured by eClass at the time of expiration in case they miss the timeline to submit. If you do not select this option, there is a likelihood that students may not get to hit the "Submit button" by the time the quiz expires!
  • If larger than usual files are required for your essay-format quiz uploads, you may increase the allowable size by going to the Course settings and increasing the "Maximum upload size" from the "Files and uploads" section.
  • Add an additional 5 minutes to your quiz close time to allow for the possibility of slow loading times and/or internet speeds.
  • Watch out for the coordination between your quiz open and close times and your quiz duration limit. For example, If your quiz opens December 12th at 7 pm, it has to close at 8:30 pm or later in order to allow for a 90 minute quiz limit.
  • Caution online students located in different countries to be aware of the different time zones, so as not to miss a timed, scheduled quiz.
  • Please let your students know that if they experience any technical difficulties, for example cannot submit a file that is required, to go ahead and email you this file either to the course email or through another method. For submission,  please request that your students submit secure image files by inserting the image into Microsoft Word and then saving it as a PDF. This step will secure the file with the properties information, in case you need to review when the file was created/last edited.

Step 6: After the Quiz – Student Technical Issues

  • If your students are submiting claims providing information that they experienced isolated technical glitches during the exam, their claims will need to be reviewed.
  • eClass provides logs that can track the student activity during the quiz. This log will be able to inform you of their every step (within eClass) for the duration of the quiz. For instructions on pulling the quiz logs please go to: Logs
  • eClass logs cannot track the student's computer, thus if they were disconnected from their Wifi, or they had an issue on their end, we will not be able to pull any records for this as it is their own personal computer/device and we will not be able to validate any of the claims from their end.
  • Generating and analyzing the logs should provide some understanding of the issue.  It is then up to the instructor to make a decision based on the logs, the students' current work and standing, and what attempt the student made to communicate the issue and supply missing test responses right after the quiz error.

Instructor Quiz – Urgent Assistance

Issues encountered during regular business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, can be directed to 416-736-5831 and/or 416-736-5622. All other regular support items can be handled as usual by emailing or filling out our support request machform.

Outside of regular business hours, during evenings and weekends, UIT Help/Support (416-736-5800) is limited to certain days and times.

For help details please refer to:
UIT help: (416) 736-5800

In response to any emergency outages, here are some tips:

  1. First check the following site: UIT Alerts
  2. For an immediate remedy, for example after a 5 minute internet disconnection, you may extend the time of the exam via the "Close date" and/or "Time duration." If the students are still in the exam/quiz, they will need to refresh their screens in order to capture extension. If the time extends beyond, you may also need to add another "attempt" to the quiz settings.
  3. For a longer and indefinite outage, please reschedule the exam (please make sure you have an alternate way to communicate to your students outside of eClass, for example, e-mailing a Microsoft Group).