eLearn Start of Term

In preparation for your Online (ONLN) or Blended (BLEN) course(s) this term, below is a detailed account of questions and information our office will need to assist students and provide administrative support for your courses. Please read the following, as there are changes to our services.

1. eLearn Consultation:

If you are new to teaching fully online and blended courses, please make an appointment for a one to one consultation, details are noted at the Teaching Fully Online and Blended Courses web page.

2. Moodle Quiz Preparations:

eLearning Services has provided detailed information and updated practices for your Moodle quizzing preparations. Please refer to the webpage link provided on Getting Ready for your Moodle Quiz.

3. Training:

Marking online and grade recording with Moodle

Assignments and Grades: At this session, you will practice creating offline activity assignments to accommodate offline gradable items as opposed to creating them directly in the grade book. Learn how to grade directly from the assignment itself and allow Moodle to calculate the course total grade for you. For this, it is imperative that you come with a committed breakdown of your gradable items. You will also explore when and why we recommend exporting the grade book to XLS spreadsheets and re-importing them back to Moodle in certain instances. Learn how to input your gradable items and let Moodle calculate the grade totals, or, simply export to a spreadsheet from the built-in Moodle book and re-import it after manually inputting your grades. Students will then be able to view their grades in private within Moodle and see where they fit with-in the class. However, you may simply learn to post a spreadsheet as a resource and/or observe the protocol of posting unofficial grades. To register visit the link above.

Duration 2 hours

4. Moodle and TechSmith Relay (Camtasia) training and Resources:

The 2020 Moodle course websites are available by request. To request your Moodle Course Website and Access, please fill out the Moodle course request form available from the Moodle site. Moodle is accessible with your Passport York Account. When filling in the course website request, you will be able to request the migration of content from previous terms, to merge multiple sections and obtain a TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay course account and course profile(s) – reminder course profiles are needed for every section you teach every term. Note: if you are requesting a migration of content from another instructor’s course, you will need to provide our office with the instructor’s written permission for use.

Visit our website for Lecture Capture-TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay and resource information.

Moodle/Tech Smith Relay (Camtasia) training

Duration 1 hour

5. Course Outlines:

Please provide your course outline to your program staff so it can be updated at the public Course Outline system. By providing your course outline early you will be able to communicate course expectations and details to students. Program staff can upload your course outline prior to the start of term for students. Please ensure to also include your reading list as distance students require time for purchasing and shipping.

6. Examinations:

Please let us know when will you be holding your on-campus exams/tests (dates/times)? Please let us know by emailing elearned@yorku.ca Each term our office compiles a list of course exam dates. Our office receives an influx of requests for off-site exams and this helps us to be prepared.

To ensure that we are aware of your exam/test dates (and exam duration) for your online or blended course(s) please take a moment and send an e-mail with the title: ATTN: Exam Dates: elearned@yorku.ca Please include your name, Course ID and section, exam dates.

OFF-SITE EXAMS: Students enrolled in LA&PS ONLN courses that reside more than three hours travel time from Keele campus can apply to write their exams off-site at their location with an Exam Centre. Exam booklets & scantron sheets are not used for off-site exams.

Students qualified to write off-site can email the following details to elexams@yorku.ca

Last name:
First Name:
Student number:
ONLN course ID and section:

Kindly let us know if you will be using alternate exam versions for students writing off-site. Keep in mind that we will be consulting with you re: students writing in varying time zones and will need to confirm the off-site exam dates.

For all off-site exam information please visit our Off-site exams Website.

For more information please contact 416-736-5831 or e-mail elexams@yorku.ca

7. Returning Graded Midterms/tests - NEW Service Change :

Please review how hard copy graded midterm exams/tests are returned to students for online courses.

Many fully ONLINE courses require students to write in person supervised mid term exams/tests at the York University Campus. As most students do not go to campus to collect the marked exams/tests, the alternate method to return the graded midterm exams/tests is to scan and upload them to Moodle for student individual viewing.

To assist us with staffing and timely services, please let us know if you will be dropping off marked midterm exams for scanning/uploading to Moodle by emailing elearned@yorku.ca

NOTE: Midterm exams must be loose leaf, white paper, and marked using black or blue pen.

8. Course Evaluations:

Why go ONLINE if you haven’t already? York’s ONCE system pretty much does it all in one place! After the program staff link and confirm each course section in the specific dedicated timeline, the ONCE system sends communications/reminders, students complete the user-friendly form with authenticated Passport York access anonymously, collects the data, reports the findings, and stores all this information in a secure place. Online course evaluations are fast, financially & environmentally sustainable, accurate, accessible, student preferred, and offer T&P, surveys and completion rates to instructors.

9. Keep your TA’s informed:

Please inform your teaching assistants/markers of our administrative processes and services by forwarding this e-mail as it will help facilitate communication between our office and the TA’s. In addition, kindly provide us with their names and contact information; ID is checked for sign out/in of assignments/off-site exams.

10. Student Support:

Feel free to copy and paste this to your course website to support students:

Getting Started with your Fully Online Course

Students enrolled in this course are required to review the Next Steps website.

The Next Steps website explains how to start your fully online (ONLN) & blended (BLEN) course(s) with start-up information including computing requirements, course website access instructions and links to course outlines & course websites. Students are also encouraged to review the Student Guide to eLearning at York University. Moodle course website access starts within the first week of the term. For late enrollees it takes two business days from the time of your enrolment to access the Moodle websites once the semester has started. Course materials begin to be released on the course website during the first week of the semester. Get familiar with Moodle by reviewing the Moodle Student Resources Page.

For enrolment matters and academic related questions, please contact the affiliated LA&PS School/Department. Most fully online courses have scheduled on campus in person supervised exams. Students located more than three hours away from the campus can apply to write supervised Off-site Exams. For eLearning support please contact eLearning Services, LA&PS.

Moodle and computing support can be directed to askit@yorku.ca or visit the Student Computing website

11) eLearning/Distance Education support

Please do not hesitate to contact our office. Replies to this e-mail will go to esohelp@yorku.ca where we will keep track of your course inquiries/requests.

Phone: 416-736-5831
E-mail: elearned@yorku.ca (eLearning - Distance Education Inquiries)
elexams@yorku.ca (off-site exams)
WEBSITE: https://elearning.laps.yorku.ca/
LOCATION: 041 Atkinson Building (lower level)