eLearn Midterm Exam Return

NEW: Service Change

Returning Graded Midterm exams/tests to students through Moodle (ONLN courses only)

Many fully online courses require students to write in person supervised mid term exams/tests at the York University Campus. As students do not go to campus to collect the marked exams/tests, the alternate method to return the graded midterm exams/tests is to scan and upload them to Moodle for student individual viewing. IMPORTANT: Loose leaf exams can be scanned, exams written in exam booklets cannot be scanned.

Please note FINAL exam or FINAL assignment papers are not returned to students. Instead they are stored within the academic unit (School/Department) and arrangements for student viewing of any final are made with the academic unit.

What the instructor needs to do:

  1. Once the grading has been completed by the course instructor/teaching team, the midterm exam/tests can be dropped off to the eLearning Services office located in 041 Atkinson. The eLearning staff will ensure they are scanned and uploaded to Moodle via the bulk assignment feature.
  2. Once the eLearning staff tasks are completed, instructors will receive an email from our department confirming this and instructors will be asked to log into your Moodle course. Once you log in navigate to "Assignment" on the right side, that will be titled to reflect the midterm/tests, for example “Midterm Exam 1 Return”. This will be HIDDEN from students.  Scanned Midterms/tests are uploaded to the folder as PDFs.
  3. Instructors will have the opportunity to review the midterms/tests before making them available to individual students.
  4. Once instructors are ready to release scanned graded midterms/tests to the students, instructors will need to turn editing on and click the EDIT button to select SHOW for students to view and download.Students will only be able to access their individual graded midterm exam/test after you have changed the setting to "SHOW" 
  5. Please use the Moodle Announcement email to let students know that they can retrieve their graded midterms/tests in the folder that was created example: Midterm Exam 1 Return.This new method of returning midterm exams/tests to students enrolled in fully online courses (ONLN) is convenient for both instructor and student, as the graded papers are easily located, accessed, stored and organized at the Moodle course website for review or petition purposes, at the current time or years to come.
  6. If you would like us to automatically make the midterm exams/tests to SHOW to students in our set up without one last review on your end, this is also an option that you can inform us of when the graded midterms/tests are dropped off.

To assist us with staffing and timely services, please let us know if you will be dropping off marked midterm exams for scanning/uploading to Moodle by emailing elearned@yorku.ca.

Our office returns “loose-leaf paper” (no exam booklets) graded midterm exams to students via their student York U e-mail addresses as PDF file attachments. Please let your students know about this procedure. Please let the eLearning Services team know in advance if you will be using this service. Scanning/uploading turn-around time is 2-3 business days.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MARKING: Please use blue/black ink when marking in order for the writing to be visible in the scanned version. Refrain from using red ink or pencil as the scan is not as visible. If possible, please make comments/grades on the paper or include a document at the end of the paper. Use white paper only.