Moodle Tips

Teaching Assistant/Marker Moodle Access

Instructors who have access to their Moodle sites can provide their teaching assistants or markers access. You can refer to step by step instructions for adding users to your course. An active staff Passport York Account is required for Moodle access.

Roles available:

  • Teacher – can add content, enrol users, and manage resources, grading & assessments, and course design & layout.
  • Non-editing Teacher - can access content across the course and has grading permissions within assessment activities. However, the non-editing teacher does not have grading capability within the Moodle Gradebook.

Organizing your class into groups

It’s a good idea to wait until student enrolment is stable approximately around the 3rd week of term. It is then recommended that you create groups and chances are there will be very little maintenance after that point.

For maintenance, once per week, go to Administration block/Users/Enrolled Users and clean up the groups by removing those dropped students from groups when "Student" status is no longer in the Roles column. For new students who are not yet assigned to a group, but have "Student" status in the Roles column, you may assign them to a group by clicking the Plus icon in the Group column and selecting a specific group.

Please note that if your course has tutorial sections, separate Moodle shells for every tutorial section are available to TAs and the Turn it in activities on Moodle. Therefore, if activated there will be no need to create "tutorial" groups for the main course.

Requesting Merged Tutorial Courses

There are separate Moodle shells for every course section and tutorial section. Each main course contains students from all related tutorial groups. When filling out the Moodle request form, do not select "Should this course be a merge of multiple tutorials?".

Content sharing in Moodle

When requesting a Moodle course based on another instructor's course, you will need the instructor's permission in writing authorizing the use of their course content.


Enable the pop-up blockers for Moodle and Turnitin or turn them off to view the files.(Allow popups from Turnitin). Do not use Access restrict dates as that will prevent students from seeing the grade and feedback.

Can previous term Moodle courses be removed from the listings?

You will not be able to remove them but you can, however, customize your Moodle view so that you only see the current courses. To do so:

  1. First click on "My Courses"
  2. Next, select "Customize this page" at the top right

If your most recent courses are at the bottom, you may move them up to the top by selecting the cross hair in front of each course and dragging them into position.

You can also change the Number of "courses to display" box in the top center. If you only want to see the most recent courses, select the number of courses you are teaching for the current session. The others will remain hidden, but can be accessed by selecting "Show all courses"

Camtasia Relay

Please note that all course sections have to have a different Camtasia Relay Course section PROFILE in order for the file to be uploaded to the correct Moodle Course. In your Moodle Request form there will be a section asking for Camtasia Relay service, please make sure to check this off.

When uploading files from outside the campus (and especially from remote locations) to Camtasia or Moodle it is best to connect to York via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Please refer to the following site for information and downloading the VPN client.