Account Requests E-mail Address

Your e-mail account comes with a disk quota of 20 MB. You can access your York mail using various e-mail applications or you can use York's Web-based e-mail program called MyMail. MyMail is accessible from any Web browser. If you don't yet have a e-mail address, have your faculty/department administrator or computer coordinator e-mail to request an e-mail account on your behalf. The request must include your full name and your employee number.

Passport York

You will need a Passport York account to fully participate as a trusted member of the York University community. Your Passport York account will give you access to many services including:

  • Course Web sites will be accessible using your Passport York account
  • Manage My Services: tool used to activate other accounts such as High speed modem
  • Classroom Equipment Ordering System

Lotus Notes E-mail and Calendaring

Lotus Notes is the faculty's e-mail, calendaring and organizational software suite available to those faculty and staff located on campus.