Course Outlines FAQs

What course information can be posted at the course outline?

Course Information can be posted within the following fields of the template.

  1. Additional Requirements:
  2. Required Course Text / Readings:
  3. Weighting of Course:
  4. Course Instructor/Contact:
  5. Expanded Course Description:
  6. Organization of the Course:
  7. Course Learning Objectives:
  8. Additional Information / Notes

Note: The calendar descriptions are automatically populated along with the pre-requisites and course credit exclusions. Additionally, the Important Course Information appears in every outline.

Is there a sample that we can view?

Yes, if you would like to view a current sample of a course outline please click on the link below:

Sample Outline

Where are the course outline links posted from?

All course outlines will be linked from the York Course Web site Page and from the Course Listings page. Navigation details will be provided in our upcoming e-mail communications.

Who updates the course outlines?

The course outlines are updated by the program secretaries as they are supplied the information from the course instructors via Word documents.

How do the course secretaries get access to update the outlines?

The administrative assistants will need to inform the eServices Office of the staff that will be updating the course outlines. Therefore please provide them with a list of names/York U. e-mail addresses, department areas. Send this list to: For FoH staff, however, please send your list to:

The eServices Office will then supply you with access and instructional information in their upcoming e-mail communications. Please note, all previous AK Administrative Assistants should also confirm their staff with us.

How can one obtain outlines from past sessions?

You may access past course outlines from the Course Information under Information for Students link on the LAPS website.

You can also access past course outlines from the archives by using the following URL convention:

First, it is important that you establish the term and the section of a course (see bold portion of the URL): 2010f-apadms1000a-03

Examples of the Fall/Winter 2010 term

f = Fall term, eg. 2010f
w = winter term, eg. 2011w
y = fall/winter term, eg. 2010y
s, s1, s2, su = summer term, eg. 2011s, 2011s1, 2011s2, 2011su

The example given above is a course offered in the Fall of 2010 from the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (ap)*. The discipline is ADMS, the course # is 1000, Section is A and it is worth 03 credits

*Please note that prior to 2009f, the Faculty would have been ak (Atkinson), and not ap (Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies)

Instructions for searching for an old outline:

  1. First establish the course and term info: Example, 2010f-apadms1000a-03
  2. Next, add the following after it: ?OpenDocument
  3. Third, insert the following URL in front of the session that you have established:

The final URL should look like this:

To request outlines prior to 2002, please request it from