Course Outlines Update Instructions

Instructional Videos:

Step-by-step Instructions

Style Guidelines

  • All the fields will have the TBA default value. If you do not have any text to add to a field, please do not remove the TBA. If you do remove the TBA, the web will display the symbol, [] in an empty field.
  • Use Default Sans Serif or Helvetica font of (2)10 pt in all fields for the purpose of conformity.

Exception: You may however, increase the font size in the tables of both the Weighting and Organization of the Course fields to (3)12 pt.

Getting Started

To get started, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the course outlines page select the discipline you will be updating for the upcoming term (Fall, Winter or Year).

Step 2: Sign in using your Passport York Account

Step 3: Click on the "outline" link for the course/section you will be updating.

Option 1: Single file attachment upload

You may choose to upload a single Word or PDF file containing the course outline information.

1. To select this option, choose the radio button "Option 1 - Upload Single File"singlefileupload

2. You will see the "Attachment Form" Button. Click the button to proceed to the upload page.

3. On the upload page, click Browser to upload the attachment in Word or PDF format

4. Select the "Save" button above.

5. Click the "Close" button to go back to the list of outlines for the discipline

Please note that when using Option 1 single file attachment upload, there will be no "Printer friendly" button available from the View mode.

Option 2: Inputting/Editing individual course fields using the 'Paste from Word' icon

You may choose to input individual course outline fields.

1. To select this option, choose the radio button "Option 2 - Editing individual rich text fields"

2. You will see the following Editor below each of your 8 editable fields:

A specific field can be resized by first clicking the triangle, resize at the bottom right corner of the field, and dragging it either downward and/or outward.

All fields are rich text allowed, meaning that you are not restricted to plain text. Hyperlinks, colors and other attributes are allowed. Images, however, are restricted within course outlines.

In rich text fields, the following additional HTML editing icons will be available to you.

icons3. It is preferable to use the Paste from Word icon, paste from word when copying text from a Word source. That way guarantees WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

  1. To begin, first open the Word document, then copy the portion that you would like to paste
  2. Choose the Paste from Word icon, and paste in the box below by using Ctrl + V
  3. Select Insert


Note: Typed text that has been tabbed and spaced for the purpose of alignment does not correctly display on the web. For any aligned text, such as the Weighting field info, it is best to re-create a table either in the template or at the Word level and place the info within the respective cells. Please see the video, Inserting a table...

Hypertext linking within the fields

E-mail link
To create a manual e-mail link in the Course Instructor/Contact field,

  1. first type the text to be displayed, eg. Instructor e-mail
  2. highlight the portion you would like to be hyper linked, eg. e-mail
  3. select the link icon, link type within the link box prefaced by mailto: -- eg.
  4. d) select Insert.

Web Link
To create a manual web link within the fields of your outline,

  1. type in the text to be displayed, eg. York Library
  2. highlight it
  3. select the link icon,
  4. in the link field, type in the full web link, eg.
  5. select Insert

Editing and Un-linking Links

To edit an existing link,

  1. click anywhere on the hyper-text link
  2. select the link icon,
  3. make your changes
  4. select Update

To unlink an existing link,

  1. click anywhere on the hyper-text link
  2. select the unlink icon, unlink

Sharing duplicate fields among multi-sectioned course outlines

Some courses offer multi-sections. If the same information within a particular field is shared among multi-sectioned courses, you do not have to retype or recopy the info in each course section. It is advised that you choose the section of a course in which to input you data, for example, Section A. Next, fill in the specific field info such as Weighting of Course. Once you have completed typing, select the course section to which you would like to share the info by checking the appropriate box below.


Please note that once this is done, when you go to edit Sections B, C or D, the info in the respective field, Weighting of course will display the following message: "This field is shared with data from Section A"

Locked Field

Locked fields can only be unshared by going back to the original course, Section A and unchecking the specific section. You will now be allowed to edit the info in the previously locked field.

Viewing the individual fields/full outline from the Web

Viewing a field via the web
You may view from the web how material is displayed within a field by clicking on the Preview icon, preview within that field. You do not have to save the documents before viewing it.

Viewing an outline via the web
You may view how an outline is displayed via the web by first Saving the document, then selecting Public View. You have to Save the document before you can see the changes.